Handmade Large Jewelry Box


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Handmade item. Made in Colorado, USA
Materials: Cherry body, Mottled Makore lid, Chechen trim, Plush Ruby Red lining
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Handmade Large Jewelry Box

Size: 12 inches wide, 7 1/2 inches deep and 6 inches high.
Cherry with a Mottled Makore lid

This handmade large jewelry box, which we call “The Majel”, has a Cherry body and a beautiful “Hot” Mottled Makore lid.

When you touch this box, you find that it has a smooth, silky feel. Open the box and you would discover a Necklace hanger and pouch built into the lid. You would also find that it is lined with Velvet; soft plush, rich looking Velvet.

In the top section is a sliding box with a Velvet ring holder which can also be used for holding earrings. Under that is a divider with 8 compartments.

The drawer that is nicely integrated into the box is roomy enough to hold larger necklaces, bracelets and many other items. The Majel is a wonderful Jewelry organizer.


  • Size: 12 in Wide, 7 1/2 in Deep, 6 in High
  • Materials: Cherry body, Mottled Makore lid, Chechen trim
  • Necklace hanger and pouch
  • Divider with 8 sections
  • Sliding box with ring hold
  • Drawer
  • No dyes or stains
  • Smooth Lacquer finish
  • Rounded corners for smooth feel
  • Lined with Plush Ruby Red Velvet

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